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    So the question is:

    What is Having the Freedom & Flexibility of Working From Home, Worth To YOU?

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    Hi I'm Sam Lepak

    Six months, 11 countries, and one study-abroad later, I was addicted

    Addicted to having unbelievable travel stories, trying new foods, making new friends, and most importantly, the freedom.

    As a result, I prioritized work from home (remote) job and thankfully, got one!

    The freedom and flexibility of working from home allowed me to:

    - Work in a luxury high-rise in Miami, FL
    - Travel in Europe throughout summer and winter
    - Visit family & friends around the US at anytime

    Needless to say, I was in control of my life and it was great!

    And then everything changed when I had that freedom taken away from me and I was forced to start working in an office aka a “cube farm”.

    After failed attempts of finding remote jobs and brainstorming online business ideas, I teamed up with Remote Year (a work abroad and travel company), and I discovered a proven method to convince my boss to let me work from home.

    Soon after I convinced my boss to let me go back to working from home (note: I failed on my laughable, first attempt).

    Since then I’ve spent over the last year working from home and traveling the world. 

    This freedom and flexibility of working from home has been the single biggest reason for: 

    - Travel the world visiting 25+ countries.
    - Save over $10k legally by avoiding US taxes with FEIE.
    - Focus more time on my health and go from 25%+ to 11% body fat.
    - Learn how to Colombian salsa dance, Muay Thai fight, and Spanish.
    - Make new friends all around the world & spend more time with family.

    And I’m confident you too will have the similar experiences and realizations once you have the ability to work from home.

    Which is why my goal now is to help YOU take control of your time by having the freedom and flexibility of working from home.


    You may not want to travel the world.

    But how about spending extra time with your family or friends?
    Or picking up a new hobby, learning a new language, going to the gym, etc.?
    Or heck, even working more?

    Regardless of what you do once you are free, I want to tell you a little SECRET.

    Convincing your boss to let you work from home is easier than you think.

    And once you have the ability to work from home, everything in your life changes.

    You get more freedom and flexibility to do what you want in this world

    And the best part?

    My free step-by-step digital book will teach you EXACTLY how you too can gain approval to work from home.

    So you can start experiencing the lifestyle of your dreams.

    So what are you waiting for? 

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    From this experience I've put together a proven, professional presentation template for you to convince your boss/company to let you work from home.

    The presentation template is 95% finished. All you need to do is simply add in your company branding and logo. Don't worry there are instructions to do this.

    One of the biggest reasons people get rejected is because their presentation sucks, which conveys to their boss that they are not serious about working from home.

    Don't let your presentation be your downfall to getting the freedom you deserve.

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